Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Here's my DEEP (Underwater-city Utopia) entry. My first ChOW ,yay!. I wish I had the time to color all. Serves me right for starting 2 days before the deadline

The Enoi:
The Enoi are a highly evolved race of spiritual and peace loving beings that have formed a eusocial society deep in the underwater trenches of the planet En. The Queen-Mother rules the Enoi Kingdom and the Shaman-King acts as the royal consort. The Queen-Mother reproduces asexually by laying batches of eggs in her womb which are then infused with the life-force that binds all Enoi together, harnessed by the Shaman-King, in a sacred ritual. Enoi young are born hermaphrodites, revealed by the purple coloring of their life-force aura, and upon reaching adolescence, as they mature into a male or female, the color of their life-force changes accordingly to red or blue. Besides the color of their life-force there is very little physiological difference between the males and the females, except that the women have longer tendrils on their heads, and the males tend to be heavier set (which can be seen best in the structure of the cranium).The spiritual development of the Enoi is parallel to the physical development and is marked by the opening of the second eye at adolescence.

(Thanks for the help with the text, Drew!)

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