Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why so serious?

A quick update on an older painting. Still a WIP, a couple of changes and it will be done! I think this piece needs a little more 'breathing area' compositionally on the right, hmm. Going to work on the top of her head so that space will most likely not be cropped off.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Corny Uni

Quick sketch for another piece.

Monday, September 1, 2008

One undead, one shiny head

Quick creepy zombie woman who seems to remind me of Cameron Diaz

I conducted a digital painting workshop yesterday and I decided to do a creature to show how to paint various material like skin, horns, slimy surfaces etc. It was fun! (and scary!) but I didn't get heckled or anything and the crowd was super nice and surprisingly I was very comfortable painting with 500 pairs of eyeballs on me( God knows I can't paint even if one person is looking usually).
So anyway I only had 2 hours to talk(theory,tips,etc) and for the demo so I got very little done (the color test that I have posted, only worked on the head) but I am happy with the design and I think I'm going to push it as much as I can.Creature design is not my strongest point (drawing sad girl faces is, hahaha) so I'd love any help and advice on the anatomy etc (Davi made a great point about the connection of the forelimb to the body, need to define the shoulderblade/upperarm area)

So once I fix anatomy issues I think I'll repaint the entire thing, I'm quite excited!

Also, here's a quick youtube blending-in-Photoshop video that I quickly made. I'll upload it to vimeo I think, this resolution on youtube makes it hard to see anything!

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