Monday, March 10, 2008

Woohoo! is mineminemine!

For those who think they know's not a mix of cataract and arthritis :P

Just so that this post is not artless, here's an older doodle that I forgot to post :)


Varun Malhotra said...

woman! you seriously need to optimize the loading time of the "under construction" image on your home page!

I hope you're using Photoshop's save-for-web feature.

Other than that, cheers to the aquisition.

Bless said...

Shreya, pretty, thanks a lot for showing up!! I'm so happy I've found your blog!! Dear, you never cease to amaze me. YOU should post more, not me!!

Hope to hear from you soon!! Love your work, bonita!! :)



PS: Your self-portrait and the "serial-killer-eyes-guy" are absolutely amazing.

digant sutar said...

just amazing work...

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