Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I had almost forgotten how incredibly HARD it is to paint from life. Luckily I had a very very patient model :)
Thanks Andrew!
As always, clicky for a larger image.
About 4-5 hours or so.Must..practise..more..argh.


Deepak Mehra said...

nice :)
put up the original for comparison tho...
by the way the next time you are in bombay, let me know. have to kill you for being a no-show :P

V said...

FINALLY!!...i'm glad you still remember how to paint!:P
not as impressive as your usual work....your losing it babe!!...hehehe

alex garcia said...

looks fantastic! The eyes are particularly well done. great work!

KC said...

i love the way you make the hair. even the way you play with texture is amazing.

Ram said...

drew seems to be a bit stressed
which is taking calmness and energy from the image.

the right eye is a bit up from the left eye.

the upper lip is loosing some dimension in the mid region.

Good attempt
study more portaits done by people
and then more practice.

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