Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Faces, faces!

My first caricature!! OMGWTFBBQ!!

Well first -intentional- caricature anyway, nevermind that most of my portraits end up looking like caricatures :P

The superawesome Jason Seiler, for the contest on at

And some doll portraits of the fun, talented folks over at ConceptArt that I made a while ago but forgot to post.


rock said...

Hey Shreya CONGRATULATIONS on last night (Dec 3) Jason really praised your work and deservedly so!! Great color and solidity. more More MORE!!


rahul arora said...

great did u create the texture?

Rekha Thorat said...

Hey shreya! Congrats at jason seiler caricature contest. You rock as usual :)

keep 'em coming!

AARTIJ said...

i want a doll tooo!

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